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Residential Painting

Simply choosing the right colour or type of paint can create this special touch. New Hues Painters can help make that happen. Interior | Exterior

Commercial Painting

Our painters recognize that the interior of a commercial area is what attracts new business, as well as what enhances working environments. Interior | Exterior

Industrial Painting

Here at New Hues Painters, we are equipped with the right team, tools and training to handle your industrial interior painting needs. Interior | Exterior

Welcome to New Hues Painters

Are you looking for experienced painters with a tool set of creativity, colour, and class? New Hues Painters are your most trusted painting company in the Oakville, Milton, and Burlington regions. We have been providing customers with the best quality service of residential, commercial and industrial painting for the last 10 years. Our painting company values communication and hard work to make sure our clients are satisfied. At New Hues Painters, we want to help make a long and dreadful painting project into something effortless and easy!

Our mission is to ensure results of the utmost elegance and beauty, whether it is painting your residential interior wall or factory repainting. We take pride in ensuring timely, cost effective and meticulous work. New Hue Painters will always leave a clean job site and pay close attention to detail in every painting project.

New Hues Painters is a customer orientated painting company, and we take each of our projects extremely seriously. Our team of highly skilled and passionate painting contractors are dedicated to providing you with many trusted services:

  • Interior painting
  • Exterior painting
  • Priming
  • Retail painting
  • Office building painting
  • Factory re-painting
  • Storage tanks & silos

We encourage our customers to bring any creative painting ideas or visions to our team, so that we may begin planning your perfect painting project. We look forward to building a long lasting relationship with you in the future and guarantee complete satisfaction.

Our Gallery

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